May 18, 2022

I Like You, You’re Weird (ILYYW), a community-driven collectibles project with a focus on advancing social justice and environmental causes is coming to the free play-and-own world of Blankos Block Party, a multiplayer party game published by next-generation technology studio Mythical Games.

This brand new partnership will bring forth four new Blankos! LavaMouth, IceBuddy, and MudBoi will drop on May 18th at 3:00 PM PDT / 22:00 UTC on the Blankos x I Like You, You’re Weird OpenSea collection. The fourth Blanko, GrassGnome, will be available as a promotional Blanko for the buyers and as part of a community giveaway.

Drop Details
LavaMouth : 300 Mints @ 0.25ETH
IceBuddy : 500 Mints @ 0.15ETH
MudBoi : 1000 Mints @ 0.075ETH