Bulls And Ape NFT Project

Bulls And Ape NFT Drop: April 29, 2022 – May 06, 2022

We have a fully-doxed team of founders with an incredibly successful track record. Our CEO and cofounder, @antmonge | B.A.P. is an Operations and Technology Leader with almost 20 years of experience driving broad culture change, sharp business intelligence, strategic transformation programs, and technology road mapping.

Our other two cofounders, @NeoApe | B.A.P. and @Arc | B.A.P. have worked on mobile games, software development, and marketing for most of their adult lives. The last project they cofounded had an incredibly successful exit and is now part of a $1.5 billion enterprise. You can get to know more about our founders on our website.


We are changing how NFT Projects should be run in this space. No more Rug Pulls. No more scams. Because our project is fully funded pre-mint, we do not need the funds of the Mint to run the business. We can lock these funds up to protect YOU, our NFT holders. We are offering the industry’s first-ever 6-month eth-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with our project, the floor price drops below your comfort level, or you want to return your bulls to us for any reason at all, you can participate in our eth-back guarantee. The refund process begins on day 31 post mint and lasts until day 180 (6 months from the mint.)

For full details on our eth-back guarantee, visit: https://www.bullsandapesproject.com/money-back-guarantee


We have some fun things in store for the community. Owning and holding our project’s first character, the Bull, will generate Methane tokens for you every day. These tokens can be used along with your bulls to mint new rare characters. We’ll unveil token details and who those new characters are soon, but know that the artwork will be spectacular and we’re making it so that our community can add valuable assets to their collection for free (minus gas fees) just by being a holder of our project and earning tokens.

To learn more about our project’s tokenomics, please visit our website.


On top of having amazing-quality 3D NFTs, we have gamified the tokenomics to make it an engaging experience for all of our collectors. Our first collection, the Bulls, will feature 9,999 bulls, a shape-shifting creator and 4 guilds.


We want our community members to be very successful, but let’s face it, buying collectible NFTs is a very speculative game and not a sure-fire way to make money, much less a guaranteed ticket to wealth.

Our NFTs are NOT investment vehicles and should not be treated as such. Even though our ETH-back guarantee is there to protect our collectors and it is designed to keep the floor price from going down and mitigate as much risk as possible, there are many factors beyond our control such as GAS fees, ETH prices, etc.

That said, our founders have been very successful in business and understand that knowledge, and education are of great importance when it comes to building wealth. For this reason, we’ll work towards getting subject-matter experts to provide content and training for our community members so that you can learn valuable skills that will help you live your best life.

Please visit our website for in depth detail of all aspects of the project.

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