Code Crow Access Keys NFT Drop

4,444 Access Keys on the Solana blockchain. Access Keys grant users revenue-generating services such as

Stream-to-earn: Users will receive tokens for live-streaming and engaging with the community. Staking: Users staking their Access Key or $RCR tokens will be rewarded with $RCR tokens. Profit-sharing: 20% of all in-app profits will go into a fund and split amongst the Access Key holders on a monthly basis. Airdropping: Recursion tokens will be airdropped to active streamers and all Access Keyholders. Community Fund: 20% of royalties go into a fund for tuition assistance and community development programs. Read Whitepaper Tipping: Send and receive tips from users during a live-stream

Backed by -Scrimba -MongoDB for Startups -AWS Activate -Twilio StartupsOfficial links:

1. Website: 2. Twitter: 3. Discord:  4. Whitepaper:

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