Crypto Rich Deluxe Trading Cards NFT

Crypto Rich Deluxe Trading Cards by Dyl derives from the first-ever crypto album. The unique digital download includes 19 songs from the original crypto music album. This collectible trading card can be found on various NFT marketplaces including OpenSea, Rarible, Magic Eden, and now Solens.

The Crypto Rich Deluxe Trading Cards are available in four editions:

  • Standard Edition: 1/1000
  • Gold Edition: 1/100
  • Platinum Edition: 1/10
  • Diamond Edition: 1/1

CryptoRich was published by NFT Music pioneer, Dyl in August of 2019. This was his debut album with a total of nine tracks. In 2020, Dyl proceeded to publish Crypto Rich Deluxe. In March 2021, he minted his first Music NFTs. Dyl’s website is

Dyl (Dylan Rhodes) stated that he went from selling $6,000 in streaming to selling six figures of Music NFTs only in nine months.

Rhodes is from Pennsylvania and is known for his hit song, “Jordan Belford.” Titled after the wall street hustler played by Leonardo DiCaprio in Martin Scorsese’s 2013 blockbuster film The Wolf of Wall Street. In 2019, Dyl created the “OG Crypto Rap” album.

Crypto Rich 2019 Album

Crypto Rich is the first album to tell the story of cryptocurrencies, Web 3 and the blockchain through music. This album tells the story of Dyl Rhodes, crypto and his background in the music industry. Dyl has been making music for over ten years and had a very tumultuous run with record labels. Dyl took a record deal that he calls “tough” and states that he learned a lot in the process.

Dyl’s goal with Crypto Rich is to inspire others. Dyl states that crypto is the key to financial freedom and NFTs is the key to creative freedom.

Crypto Rich Deluxe NFT

In 2021, Dyl released his album Crypto Rich Deluxe as an NFT. The purchase of this NFT gives collectors access to his community. Other music-related perks include:

  1. Lifetime tickets to shows
  2. Exclusive Merch sent to your home
  3. NFT airdrops as Dyl releases more music
  4. Users can own a piece of Dyl’s album on the blockchain as an NFT

Crypto Rich is the top Crypto music title in the world with 2.2 million streams on Spotify and various music videos.


  • Collectible trading cards, inspired by Pokemon & Yu-Gi-Oh

  • Digital download card – Provides 19 song album download

  • VIP Collectors first airdrop. Chance of rare Gold/Platinum

Crypto Rich Deluxe NFT Utility

  • Dyl VIP Partner Program: 1-On-1 Advisory & Community Support

    • Join a network of 50+ VIP Collector Partners

    • Assistance with marketing, brand development, and NFT creation

    • Read the VIP Partners page to learn more

  • Lifetime Ticketing: Tickets + Meet & Greet At Dyl Shows

    • Dyl is actively touring & performing. VIP Event History

    • Offered WuTang & Waka Flocka show Sept 2021

    • View the Crypto Rich NFT VIP Event History

    • Show History: 100+ shows around the US/Europe

    • See Dyl’s Booking EPK, plan an event with Dyl

    • Check Instagram for pictures and recent performances

    • Search Youtube for tour recaps and vlogs

    • Free admission based on availability

  • Dyl Merch Care Package

    • Will be shipped to you for free

    • First drop still in planning

    • Long Term: recurring shipments, exclusive drops

  • Crypto Rich Vinyl Album

    • Physical collectible vinyl album coming soon

    • First press still in planning

  • NFT Airdrops

    • Trading Cards airdropped 10/14/2021

    • Solana Airdrop 1/6/2022

    • Polygon NFTs: 1/20/2022

    • ProtonChain Trading Cards Airdrop – 11/8/2021

  • 1-On-1 Advisory & Support

    • Get personalized support from Dyl

    • Advisory, Partnerships, Creator Support, Brand Deals, and Marketing.

  • Crypto Rich Mobile Game

    • The first music NFT with a mobile game

    • Working on special access with NFTs, more levels, characters, etc

    • Play-to-earn: Win free NFTs for high scores


  • DYLUMINATI VIP (Discord Status)

  • Follow From Dyl On Socials

  • Book Meetings With Dyl: 1-On-1 Advisory

  • 3 x Weekly Twitter Spaces: MW – 6PM EST F – 11AM EST

  • Exclusive Monthly Calls

  • Exclusive Merch Deals

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