What Are MoonBirds? PFP Project By PROOF Collective

Moonbirds reaches a historic volume of sales in the past two days. The highly anticipated collection is the first PFP NFT project by PROOF Collective. PROOF is an exclusive collective made up of 1,000 NFT collectors. Moonbirds can provide access to the PROOF ecosystem. Moonbird’s OpenSea description states:

“A collection of 10,000 utility-enabled PFPs that feature a richly diverse and unique pool of rarity-powered traits. What’s more, each Moonbird unlocks private club membership and additional benefits the longer you hold them. We call it nesting – because, obviously.”

Moonbirds: PROOF Collective’s PFP NFT Project

Moonbirds is a collection of pixel art birds minted on the Ethereum blockchain. The 10,000 birds are an avatar is unique and has a variety of rare traits. You can potentially have access to the private club, and obtain alpha and other benefits by holding the NFTs for a longer period of time.

Moonbird’s website states that the project was “built with utility and community at the foundation.” The collection has already built a strong community with a following on Twitter with nearly 150,000 loyal owls.

what is moonbirds?

The Moonbirds collection was released on April 16th, 2021 at 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. The Moonbirds quickly sold out, and raked in $66 million dollars. Sales on OpenSea have now surpassed a whopping $194 million dollars.

Moonbirds already surpassed top NFT projects Clone X and Doodles. Currently, the floor is over 18 Ethereum. Doodles’ and Clone X are trailing behind, at 16.77 ETH and 18 ETH respectively.

The collection is only two days old and many are wondering the secrets to this collection’s seemingly “overnight success.”

Why Is MoonBirds NFT Collection So Successful?

PROOF encompasses a highly experienced team that has been respected in the Web 2 community for several years. The PROOF’s founding team includes Kevin Rose, Ryan Carson, and Justin Mezzell. Kevin is an entrepreneur and partner at True Ventures, a venture capital firm. Kevin is also the host of “PROOF” and “Modern Finance” podcasts.

PROOF is NFT Podcast that discusses all things non-fungible tokens with guest interviews of various NFT artists. Rose is the founder of OAK, a meditation app as well as the intermittent fasting app ZERO. Kevin Rose was also the founder of DIGG, a popular social news site whose height peaked the mid-2000s. 

Ryan is also a well-known investor and entrepreneur. Ryan is the founder of three companies as well as one non-profit organization. Justin is also an illustrator and designer. Some of his clients include Paypal, Google, Twitter, and Facebook. 

what is moonbirds

The accomplishments of the team make PROOF and Moonbirds a success and gives confidence to their current and future holders. 

PROOF Collective

Proof Collective was Kevin’s most significant foray into the NFT space. As Twitter user, Cryptolocity explained: “Many of the top founders, artists and collectors in the space believe deeply in Kevin’s vision, and bought passes with 0 intention of selling them”. Collectively, the members hold close to 154,000 NFTs, including several blue chips like CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Meebits, and Art blocks.

In order to become a member of the PROOF collective, individuals must hold the PROOF Pass. These NFTs grant access to PROOF’s private Discord, early access to the PROOF podcast, in-person events, and more. For these reasons, these NFTs are highly sought-after and currently have a 99 ETH floor.

PROOF Collective has also launched an NFT collection called Grails. This project was created in collaboration with 20 artists, the collection features 20 unique pieces of art. These were free-to-mint and only available to the Proof Collective pass holders. The artists included some of the most popular figures in the space like Hackatao, Mike Shinoda, Larva Labs, and Gary Vaynerchuk, among others.

Moonbirds is Proof’s second original NFT project and first 10K PFP collection. With Proof’s rich history, Moonbirds were highly coveted even before they dropped.

Moonbirds NFT Utility

The utility that Moonbirds provides is another reason Moonbirds are so successful. These are utility-enabled NFTs that offer more than a cute PFP avatar. Moonbird holders will have access to the PROOF Discord. Holders will have the opportunity to interact with PROOF founders as well as other members of the Collective. PROOF’s members are some of the most well-known names in NFT space. Many Moonbird holders see this is an excellent opportunity to network and learn more about the future of NFTs and crypto.

Moonbird holders will have access to Moonbird-related drops and Parliament meetups. Future Proof projects will be available to holders including “Project Highrise,” the soon-to-be metaverse.

The Moonbirds team raised approximately $66 million from the allowlist mint based on current market prices. [Image: Moonbird #3156]
Nesting is another important aspect of the Moonbird ecosystem. You can “lock” your bird and nest it within your wallet to receive additional benefits. This is similar to the staking mechanisms that are offered by many projects. In this instance, however, your bird will be in your wallet. However, your NFT cannot be sold during nesting.

The longer you nest, the higher your NFT will be able to move up the tiers. Higher tiers will Include cool stickers and merch. Collectors will likely keep their NFTs due to the attractive benefits. Cryptolocity pointed out that this could even lead to a supply shock.

Kevin wrote last month, “We’re redesigning @moonbirds_xyz different… We want to reward long-term holders with the lion’s share. Your diamond hands (wings) will unlock utility and benefits in the future.”

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