Rarity Tools NFT And Calculation Methods

Many collectors question the rarity and value of an NFT or non-fungible tokens. Rarity is a key factor in determining an NFT’s value. NFT rarity determines the rarity of an NFT and, in turn, its value. Collectors are attracted to rare NFTs, which increases the NFT value. Collectors are keen to find out how rare an NFT is in their collection or if the piece they plan to purchase is rare. Rare NFTs often have the most unique traits. However, they may also have other rarer traits like a complete lack of them.

NFTs can only be exchanged with non-fungible tokens. Each NFT is unique and has the “One-of-a-kind” quality. Each NFT may have multiple traits that are unique. Therefore, it is important to determine the rarity of each trait and combine them into one value for each NFT. There are many ways to rank NFTs.

Methods To Calculate NFT Rarity

1. Trait Rarity Ranking

This method compares NFTs by simply contrasting the rarest trait of each token. It is simple and straightforward, but it has a weakness: it only considers one trait of each NFT. This doesn’t take into account the overall rarity of NFTs.

2. Trait Rarity (Averaging)

Averaging the rarity among the traits on NFT is another method to calculate NFT rarity. If an NFT has two traits, one of which is 50% rare and the other 10% rare, its average trait rarity would be (50+10)/2 = 30%. This method is good because it at least considers the overall rarity.

rarity tools averaging

However, this method has a problem: it places too much emphasis on the overall rarity and value of each trait. The single rare trait becomes less valuable, and the rarity value is diluted by other traits.

3. Rarity (Stats)

This method multiplies all the trait rarities to calculate the NFT’s overall rarity. Take a look at the following example to see how it works. Imagine an NFT with 2 traits. One trait is 10%, the other 50%. That NFT’s statistical rarity would be (10% x 50%) = 5%.

These three methods will give you different rankings if you compare the rarity and number of NFTs. These methods can be found on community-made ranking spreadsheets or websites. However, the problem of ranking NFT rarity is not solved because of different results. Experts have recently found a solution: tools that can calculate the rarity of an NFT.

NFT Rarity Tools

Rarity tools can be used to give an easy-to-understand and sensible ranking of the rarity or collectibility of NFTs. This tool allows you to quickly find out how rare a particular NFT is in your collection. Rarity Tools calculate the NFT’s rarity by focusing on one trait. A perfect Rarity Score can be created, which helps us to determine whether an NFT has a rare status.

The rarity score is an easy and reliable way to determine how rare an NFT actually is. This equation looks like this: [Rarity Score for Trait Value] = 1. ([Number Of Items With That Trait Value]/ [Total Number Of Items In Collection]).

rarity tools nft

The NFT’s total rarity score is the sum of all its trait scores. This simple calculation yields excellent results and is used today to rank rarity in NFT sites such as an NFT marketplace.

1. Rarity Tools

The most visited website is rarity.tools. It is designed to determine how rare an NFT is considered to be. Rarity tools ranks NFTs based on the rarity and quality of their traits, in real time. You can filter NFTs based on their average price, total sales volume and owner count. It also provides information about top collections, such as CryptoPunks, and future projects. The interface of rarity tools is easy to use and quick.

rarity tools nft

To view rarity.tools, click on all collections and enter the name of your collection. You’ll find details about each NFT, as well as information on its rarity score. You can also check the rarity score of NFTs you own by entering the ID of your NFT in the “project section”. Click “Lookup” to see the properties and rarity score of your NFT. The rarity of NFTs will increase the more you have Rarity Score. It is free to use, but NFT projects must pay 2 Ethereum to be listed on the platform.

2. Rarity Sniper

Another popular tool for finding rare NFTs is this one. The webpage contains 774 collections, including Ethereum and Solana. It is easy to see rarity rank, score, and all traits through its user-friendly interface.

Rarity Sniper has a Discord channel with over 400,000 members that allows users to search for rare NFTs. Use the bot command below to check for rarity.

!rarity [collection] id/rank [id]

rarity tools nft

This command refers to the collection name. To check the rarity of an asset, type the ‘id’ of the asset. Add the asset number (id) to your search. Imagine Bored Ape #9606. The following command can be used to verify the rarity of an asset:

!rarity boredape ID 9606

Rarity Sniper has a quick answer. It is an easy way to locate rare NFTs. It only supports the rarity of Rarity Sniper collections. Bot commands can also be used to determine the floor and gas.

3. TraitSniper

If you’re looking for information on NFT projects, Traitsniper is a good choice. This tool is focused solely on current and future projects. Traitsniper bot takes just a few minutes to determine the market’s rarity for new NFTs. There are two versions of the web page: one is free, and one is paid. However, the paid version has benefits like real-time notifications about new reveals and their scores.

rarity tools nft

Users who first visited Traitsniper’s site complained that it is too complicated and cluttered. The tool provides only Rarity Score and Rarity Rank as well as OpenSea the highest offer of a particular NFT. Users enjoy using it. Users can also view individual traits and their rarity scores.

4. HowRare

This tool is used to verify the rarity and availability of Solana NFTs. It is also used to access a blockchain dedicated to gaming NFTs. The website lists 255 Solana NFT collections on the basis of the floor price, the number of items and holders, as well as whether or not the NFTs have been sold. You can also find NFTs by their rarity within each collection, similar to Rarity tools. You can view the rarity rank, rarity score, and attributes for each NFT. You can also find details about the most recent sales on the website.

rarity tools nft
How.Rare.is interface for checking NFT rarity.

You can also check the rarity and condition of any NFT that you have by using the asset ID. You can also find information about upcoming Solana collections on the webpage. While HowRare. provides information about future collections, we recommend that you do your own research before purchasing any.

5. OpenSea Ranking

OpenSea is the most popular NFT marketplace. It not only facilitates NFT sales but also calculates NFT rankings based upon volume, floor price and other statistics. You can find the most popular collections within the last 24 hours, 7 to 30 days, or even all time. OpenSea can be a great way to find out what collections are trending in order to make informed investments. NFTs can be tracked on the Ethereum, Polygon and Klaytn blockchains.

rarity tools nft
OpenSea ‘properties’ interface for checking NFT rarity.

Final Thoughts

While rarity is an important factor in NFTs’ success, it should not be the only thing that influences your preferences. This is the common advice given by big collectors to newcomers. It is important to love NFTs, not just how much you can make.

Collectors also agree that rarity checking tools provide NFT players with a reference to rare items. This allows for a better understanding of collections and a quick channel for collectors who want to pursue rareness. However, it cannot be used for investment advice. NFT’s value is also determined by aesthetics and stories. NFTs should not be purchased solely based on rarity. Before making a purchase, it is important to conduct your own research.

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