Scab Shop Pass: Access To Top-Tier Tattoo Artists’

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Scab Shop will open its doors to the public by selling Scab Shop Pass NFTs. Membership will allow holders to have direct and exclusive access to the tattoo artists and their artwork. NFT holders will also have access to attend in-person events, future drops, and the ability to connect with artists. Renowned tattoo artist Scott Campbell has teamed up with Josh Hubberman and other artists to transform the tattoo industry via NFT shop passes.

Members of the Proof Collective will have allowlist access on Scab Shop Pass mint day.

These are the following communities in which Scab Shop have partnered with:

Proof Collective, FWB, BFF, Deadfellaz, Wvrps, Rabbitars, Adam Bomb Squad, Deathbats – Manny’s Game, Cryptocoven

Scab Shop Pass NFT And The Tattoo Community

Scab Shop Pass is your key to the Scab Shop community and top-tier artists. Each 1/1 NFT from the first series comes with a tattoo appointment with the artist who designed it. NFT holders will have exclusive rights to bid on various pieces from the Genesis drop.

A few of the renowned artists’ tattoo industry supporting the project:

  1. Scott Campbell – The tattoo artist launched All Our Best, an NFT Marketplace for fellow tattoo artists.
  2. Tati Compton – Advocate of hand-poked tattoos.
  3. Dr. Woo – The choice tattoo artist for the influential elite with a massive global following. He has over 1.8 mullion followers on Instagram alone.
  4. Sean from Texas – Another leading tattoo artist who also dabbles in music.
  5. Sasha Masiuk  Artist with a focus on temporary tattoos. 

A total limit of 5,000 passes available for 0.1 ETH each + gas. Users can mint three passes during the pre-sale. Then, they can mint up to 5 during the public sale.

The public mint will begin on April 7th at 9:00 AM PST via the project’s Scab.Shop.

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