15,555 unique, affordable, as well as generative NFTs providing access to the Vayner network of athletes and NFT Collectibles

Vaynersports Access

Members-only live streams

Private Metalink access as well as

Physical & digital experiences

Tickets to sporting events

Discounts & Freebies as well as

Vaynersports NFT Collections

Gas-only NFT mints for curated drops

15,555 unique designs as well as

Collaboration with sports-related brands

Allow List access in future

Mint a VSP NFT on launch for 0.155 ether.

Your VSP will give you access to the private Metalink community and you will be eligible for events, giveaways and exclusive content with VaynerSports athletes.

By holding a VSP, most future mints will cost gas transactions on the blockchain.

Creator: Vaynersports

Blockchain: Ethereum

Marketplace: OpenSea